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Monday, February 6, 2012

Democratic Party of Georgia: Grand Opening of the Democrats’ Savannah Office is Latest Salvo in Fight to End Cruel Republican Legislation and Policies – While Working Hard to Win Local, State and National Elections Including the Re-Election of President Obama and Vice President Biden

Savannah, Georgia: Democratic Party of Georgia opens office in Savannah - one year after opening Augusta office - with plans to take back state and national offices and re-elect President Obama

(Savannah, Georgia) - About 200 people attended the February 4, 2012 grand opening ceremony for the Democratic Party of Georgia's satellite office in Savannah.

Those present included Democrats from Atlanta, Augusta and other cities across Georgia and South Carolina.

The Savannah, Georgia area is home to the Chatham County Democratic Party.

Party leaders and lawmakers on hand included Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG) Chairman Mike Berlon, U.S. Congressman James Clyburn (D-SC), Savannah Mayor Edna Jackson, Savannah City Councilman John Hall, Georgia State Senator Lester Jackson and Georgia State Representatives Bob Bryant, Craig Gordon, Mickey Stephens and Al Williams.

The new Savannah office of the Democratic Party of Georgia is the latest example of the party's determination to re-elect Pres. Obama and to take back the state and national offices currently held by Republicans who are sponsoring evil legislation that is harmful to the low income residents of Georgia.

(Scroll to end of this post to read Feb. 3, 2012 update from Democratic National Committee on re-electing President Obama and harmful Republican Legislation).

Augustans in attendance for the Savannah event included Richmond County Democratic Party (RCDP) chair Dr. Lowell Greenbaum and Rev. Terence A. Dicks, a member of the RCDP who serves on the DPG state committee and is the Southern Regional Organizer for the Progessive Democrats of America (PDA) and PDA State of Georgia Coordinator.

The opening of the Savannah office "is part of our 5% strategy," said Mike Berlon, DPG Chairman.

"We believe that we can raise Democratic turnout this election cycle and win many of the races in November," Berlon said. "Having a headquarters in this part of the state allows us to strengthen our grassroots network close to home.”

Savannah residents will staff the office, located at 406 East Bay Street, after undergoing intensive training with the DPG.

Georgia Democrats’ ultimate goal will be to provide a hub to organize, canvass and register new voters in Chatham County and beyond. 

WSAV-TV Coverage of the Grand Opening of the Democratic Party of Georgia Satellite Office in Savannah on Feb. 4, 2012:

By Meredith Ley, WSAV-TV reporter
February 04, 2012

(SAVANNAH, GA) - It was a big day for the Blue Party in Savannah.

Democratic leaders from all over the region came into town to celebrate Savannah's first official Democratic Office.

The space will provide a strategic location for Georgia democrats to organize campaign and register new voters.

Before, the party worked from Atlanta - down.

Party leaders, like Representative Mickey Stephens say a Savannah office just makes sense given the amount of support in the south.

"Savannah has always been a Democratic city and Savannah went for Pres. Obama in the last election so we are making strides down here in the south and in the south end of the state and I think that’s why they opened the headquarters here."

Democratic officials say this space will continue to bring future political success to southern and eastern Georgia along with strengthening grassroots efforts.

WTOC-TV photo/written story about the the DPG office in Savannah:

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Some more popular politicians were also in the hostess city on Saturday to help open the Democratic party's office in Savannah.

Congressman James Clyburn, plus local leaders, like Mayor Edna Jackson were on hand for the grand opening.

Many believe the new office will have a big impact in this part of the state.

Chairman Mike Berlon of the Democratic party of Georgia says, "the idea is we've got to get back to our roots. We have not really been actively involved in areas outside of Atlanta in a long time, and I think this is the first step to reclaim Georgia for the Democrats."

Folks will staff the office after undergoing intensive training by the Democratic party of Georgia.

Copyright 2012 WTOC. All rights reserved.

The opening of the Democrats' Savannah office brings back memories of the opening of the party's Augusta Office:

Below is a video with a serious message delivered with humor from Augusta Democrats that includes the creativity and music by Kevin MacLeod

Below is a video from the March 2011 opening of the Democratic Party of Georgia office in Augusta that is the Augusta-Richmond County Democratic Party Headquarters:

Democratic Party of Georgia Opened Augusta Office in March 2011

The first satellite office of the Democratic Party of Georgia opened in Augusta (Garden City) on Saturday, March 26, 201.

The Augusta event was the first state committee meeting under DPG Chairman Mike Berlon.

The Augusta-Richmond County Democratic Party meets on the second Wednesday of every month at its headquarters on 11th and Greene Streets at 7:30PM.

The party sponsors a breakfast the third Saturday of each month at a different site at 9 am.

The Augusta-Richmond County Democratic Party Headquarters
1101 Greene Street
Augusta, GA
Phone: 706-722-8111
Fax: 706-722-8111
email the RCDC

**Important reminder for Augusta Democrats:

ADVANCED VOTING FOR MARCH 6 PRIMARY runs from Monday, Feb. 6 to Friday, March 2, 2012 from 9 am to 5 pm at the Municipal Building in Augusta.

The polling place is at the Municipal Building on Greene St.

You must be a registered voter and have a photo ID

From the Augusta Chronicle – March 26, 2011

The Democratic Party of Georgia has a plan to take the red out of the state, and they started it in Augusta on Saturday.

“We stand ready to turn this state back to its true, blue color,” State Rep. Wayne Howard, D-Augusta, said.

Howard introduced the state party’s new chairman, Mike Berlon, who received a standing ovation from the crowd of about 250 Democratic leaders.

During a three-hour state committee meeting at Augusta’s Marriott Hotel & Suites, party officers gave reports and Berlon described his plan to keep the party active on the local level throughout the year, including opening regional field offices.

At the end of the meeting, a grand opening reception was held at the state’s first satellite office at 1101 Greene St.

“The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step, and that’s what we are starting here today,” Berlon said. “We are starting at the county party level, precinct by precinct, and we are going to build this party up.”

Treasurer Russell Edwards said Augusta is ideal for a satellite office because it is the second largest city in Georgia and has a large population of “under-served constituents,” including Korean-Americans and Latinos.

Augusta also has research institutions, which is “a big priority in the Democratic Party.”
State party spokesman Eric Gray said that, although the satellite office is in the same location as the county headquarters, it will better serve voters because it will be staffed daily.

“We are expanding out from central Atlanta to where the voters are,” said L.C. Myles, the first vice chairman of the Richmond County Georgia Democratic Party. “It’s the first part of our new philosophy of being the Democratic Party of Georgia rather than the Democratic Party of Atlanta.”

The meeting also focused on legal matters such as redistricting, voter IDs issues, the state party’s by-laws, finances and funding.

Official website for the re-election of President Obama and Vice Pres. Biden
Democratic Party of Georgia (Mike Berlon, chair):

Officers of the Democratic Party of Georgia:
Chair: Former Gwinnett County Democratic Party chairman Mike Berlon
First Vice-Chair: Nikema Williams
Congressional District/County Liaison Vice Chair: R.J. Hadley
Constituency Group Vice Chair: State Representative Pedro "Pete" Marin
Candidate Recruitment Vice Chair: Miguel Camacho
Secretary: Laverne Gaskins
Treasurer: Russell Edwards
Representing Georgia on the Democratic National Committee:
Chairman Mike Berlon
First Vice Chair Nikema Williams
Page Gleason
Dan Halpern
State Senator Lester Jackson
State AFL-CIO President Richard Ray
Sally Rosser
Former state Democratic Party Chairman David Worley
Contact info about GA Dems:
Eric Gray
Communications Director
Democratic Party of Georgia
office: 678-278-2012 x304
cell: 404-992-8699
Organizations affiliated with the Democratic Party of Georgia: (Democratic Youth Strategy Council project)
Georgia Association of Democratic County Chairs
Georgia Federation of Democratic Women
Georgia House Democratic Caucus
Young Democrats of Georgia
The Democratic National Committee
The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC)
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)
Democrats Abroad
Chatham County Democratic Party links:
Chatham County Democratic Party:
Facebook group page for the Chatham County Democratic Party:
email Chatham County Democratic Party:
Chatham County Democratic Party contact page:
Link to info about the Chatham County Democratic Party:
Georgia elected officials (Democrats) attending the DPG Savannah office opening:
Georgia State Senator Lester Jackson:
Georgia State Rep. Mickey Stephens:
Georgia State Rep. Al Williams
Georgia State Rep. Bob Bryant
Georgia State Rep. Craig Gordon
Savannah City Councilman John Hall
Democratic National Committee Feb. 3, 2012 update on re-electing President Obama and harmful Republican Legislation:
Democratic National Committee 2-03-2012 Weekly Update

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