Progressive Democrats of America: Evil ALEC Crow Laws are like Jim Crow Laws

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Please help support a travel fund for Rev. Terence A. Dicks of Augusta, Georgia, the new Southern Regional organizer for the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) and current PDA Georgia State Coordinator

This is an announcement from the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA):

Meet Terence Dicks

Dear Supporter,
Terence Dicks From Maine to Arizona we have watched the erosion of workers' rights; we are now witnessing some of the most blatant voter suppression laws since the old Jim Crow south come out of state legislatures.
Terence Dicks, our Georgia State Coordinator, will begin work as the Southern Regional organizer in February.
This means that Terence will need to travel not only in Georgia but throughout the Southern states.
We chose Terence because of the incredible work he has done organizing the state of Georgia.
In case you didn't know Georgia now has eight (8) PDA chapters and additional ones are in the pipeline.
This is due to the hard work and dedication of your state coordinator, Terence Dicks.
Terence has been invited to represent Georgia at the upcoming National PDA gathering in Winslow, Arizona at the end of February.
He will work with the National team and our other regional and state organizers to craft policy and action plans for building a Progressive Southern Strategy.
Too many progressive organizations have not truly embraced diversity in their management ranks; that is not true of PDA.
I am asking you to help Terence join me as another voice of diversity to ensure that the progressive message reaches and includes everyone.
We will actively fight voter suppression and roll back the oppressive ALEC-inspired state legislation.
We will fight to end corporate rule and get money out of politics.
We need Terence to start working right now!

Help Terence Dicks Move the Progressive Agenda Forward in the South.

Now is the time for the 21st Century Civil Rights agenda to continue the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Andrea Miller
PDA National Deputy Field Director

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