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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Athens, Georgia: "Claiming A Street Named King" 2007 Final Report for the Georgia Clients Council, the Georgia Legal Services Program and others about MLK Parkway in Athens, GA submitted by Prof. Dr. Mary Anne Alabanza Akers of the University of Georgia School of Environmental Design

"Claiming A Street Named King"

2007 "Claiming A Street Named King" Final Report for Georgia Clients Council about MLK Parkway in Athens, GA

Above is a 56-page report on "Claiming A Street Named King" 2007 study and analysis of MLK Parkway in Athens, Georgia submitted to Georgia Clients Council.

The report was conducted by Dr. Mary Anne Alabanza Akers, Associate Professor at the University of Georgia School of Environmental Design.

Claiming A Street Named King: An economic effort by the Georgia Clients Council, Georgia Legal Services Programs and others "to make good on King’s promise" by creating "livable streets" one community at a time

It's time to take studies like these in Athens and Augusta and find economic development opportunities on streets named for civil rights leaders in Georgia and across the United States of America

If we can invest in bombs, surely we can invest in America’s inner cities and other locations that stand for our country's heritage.

In many communities, the inner cities and streets named for Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are being forgotten and are dying a slow death.
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