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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Michigan Hunter Indicts National Rifle Association (NRA) plus GOP and Other Lawmakers on Felony Charges of Mass Murder, Bribery, and Racketeering/Conspiracy (RICO Act)

*A message and indictment of the NRA from Greg J. Peterson of Marquette, Michigan, deer hunter, news reporter and a close friend of the creator of this blog- the Rev. Terence A. Dicks of Augusta, Georgia 

I am an avid hunter - and on behalf of the United States of America and its children: 

I indict and make a citizen's arrest of the NRA (as a group and its board of directors and executives) plus U.S. lawmakers represented by Republican Party (GOP) and other U.S. elected officials who are involved in an ongoing crime spree involving the mass murder of children and adults, a mob-like conspiracy, bribery and corruption in public office: 

Count 1: 

I accuse and indict the National Rifle Association (NRA) of insidious complicity in mass murder due to its conspiracy of lies. 

Count 2: 

I indict lawmakers on bribery charges from being influence by the huge pocketbooks of the gun lobby instead of being influence by the blood of children. These lawmakers should go to prison or be sentenced to spend a night in the poor neighborhoods where tragically violence occurs every minute. 

Count 3:

I indict the NRA and GOP and other lawmakers on felony racketeering and conspiracy charges - specifically the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO Act).

Counts 4 thru 1,004:

I indict the NRA and U.S. GOP lawmakers (and other unnamed elected-officials) who support NRA lies and/or received money from gun-related groups) on 1,000 Counts of conspiracy to commit murder.

 I demand that federal and state prosecutors immediately arrest the leaders of these groups and lawmakers due to their ongoing crime spree - as they did in the case of the Illinois Governor. 

The annual deaths of dozens of inner city children by assault weapons is not enough to touch the hearts of the lawmakers who oppose weapon reform. 

Due to greed - the NRA continues to deny the impact of these weapons and large clips in all violence including the recent slaughter of young children at a school in Connecticut and other mass shootings. 

Whether it be assault weapons, large clips or the ease of access to handguns and ammo, the NRA denial of their culpability in this bloodshed is motivated by large contributions by those who represent gun companies - some secretly - and those who claim to be true sportsman. 

Like lambs to a slaughter, America's children are being gunned-down with ease because the NRA has touted its biggest lie - that a ban on assault weapons and large clips will lead to an end to hunting via the collection of normal game-hunting guns used by decent, fair and reasonable hunters. 

A real hunter doesn't need a semi-auto with large clips - as 3 to 5 bullets are enough bullets or shells in a fair hunt.

If you can't hit the prey like deer with your first 3 rounds - you'd better practice your aim. 

If reloading is too much - you are just lazy. Automatic and semi-automatic weapons are for "spray and pray" - not true elegant target practice. Reloading after 3 bullets for these purposes is easy enough to "practice" your aim. 

What's more gun enthusiasts know this - tho many tout the disingenuous and vile arguments of the NRA that are aimed at protecting those who sell these guns rather than America's children - and for that matter all people.

One of the dumbest arguments I have recently heard is that we need these weapons in order to overthrow the government.

This is not the 1700s.

I strongly oppose assault weapons and big clips plus easy access to handguns. 

Anyone who uses the old greedy and slimy NRA argument that gun laws will eventually result in the taking away of "REAL" hunting weapons is regurgitating rhetoric without thinking for themselves. 

Now don't be fooled - these guns laws are needed but do not expect overnight miracles - because as like all major issues the road to solutions have many chambers. 

A ban on assault weapons and big clips will not instantly stop school and other mass shootings - this make take decades - but its one helluva good start. 

We must pass new gun restrictions. 

Like a path in a dense forest, we've taken a long walk to arrive at a society with little compassion - and/or being people of goodwill who have become so busy trying to survive that they have little time for others including children. Even parents who adore their children come home exhausted due to expectations of a bankrupt society where employers expect unreasonable outcomes even by the hardest working and dedicate employees.

It is sick and sad that it took a mass shooting at a mostly white school - for people to cry and care. I hope they realize inner city kids of that age get shot every day.

We need to approach the problem from many trajectories - like parents restricting violent video games that simulate mass shootings - and taking the stigma away from asking for mental health treatment or any kind of emotional help.

Despite and because of electronic era, we do not communicate with each other in meaningful and one-on-one ways.

This lack of interpersonal communication festers when you add in factors like parents with longer hours, lower pay and being required to do the jobs of 3 people.

Nearly everyone needs some kind of loving and emotional help in today's whether it be from friends, family or professionals. The reasons that any kind of new gun laws will not end hunting and target practice are many - and possibly the biggest is not unlike the NRA's top motivation for aiding and abetting mass murder - and that is money - green - $$$$$$. 

We all know, that all 50 states and the feds make lots of money from hunting licenses and other fees to stop hunting by passing legislation or collect real hunting weapons. Government depends on this economical boost to their respective and collective treasuries and everything related to tourism. Gun makers have to get over it - be part of the solution and quitting hiring the NRA to be your vicious hunting dog. The NRA rhetoric often falls on the ears of people who don't think for themselves or are too afraid to stand up to other hunters who regurgitate the false blather. 

I have not missed opening day of firearms deer season - and as long as my health stands I never will. 

If the deaths of inner city kids happen in America's white suburbs - I would not have to write this - because lawmakers would have already banned assault weapons and restricted the number of projectiles allowed at any one time in any gun.

Children's Defense Fund - Protect Children Not Guns 2010 Report 

Speak up now - because:

"In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."
 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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