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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mass Shootings: Lawmakers, gunmakers allow "acceptable losses" especially in low-income and minority communities; Assault weapon protectors hide behind false arguments about why the "spray and pray" weapons are fine for our streets

What will it take for Americans to learn assault weapons have no reasonable place in society

Photos of bloodied victims doesn't seem to work.

The latest mass shooting in Colorado - yet all the presidential candidates are afraid to take on the common sense issue of banning assault weapons - none of which are made for hunting.

The GOP candidate Romney has too many supporters/friends who love assault weapons and he doesn't want to lose those votes - and President Obama is afraid to talk about them because he might lose votes/upset undecided voters.

A vote on the assault weapon ban has been blocked.

U.S. lawmakers seem intent on protecting assault rifles.

Both Presidential candidates likely understand that means many lives will be lost every day for the foreseeable future - but I suppose that's better than losing votes (in their minds).

Responsible hunters would not use assault weapons - certainly the inane argument about target practice with a semi-auto assault rifle seems pointless as they spray bullets.

Banning assault weapons would save lives and would not lead to the collection of all other guns.

When will we learn - for many it will only when someone they know is shot - and maybe not then.

For a long time politicians have allowed "acceptable loses" especially when it comes to low-income and minorities who are victims of crime or have no medical coverage.

Assault weapons are made to kill people - not for target practice or hunting.

When will America wake up and stop this foolish claim that banning assault weapons will lead to banning other guns.

My late mentor - Barbara Thurmond - spoke out about the violence in Augusta and across the country.

Search her name on the internet for more info.

The blood spilled will soon be forgotten - despite the video in these links.

So even this tragedy will not be the impetus for common sense and helping to stop further mass shootings.

Assault weapons are not used for hunting - just to kill and maim.

There will be many more assault weapon murders - many of which we will never hear about because "only" one or two people died.

I pray you or someone you love is not in the path of one of these bullets.

Another act of vicious violence destroys families
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